Struggling to pick a first dance?

The ceremony went perfectly, the wedding breakfast is over and the speeches have come to an end. The evening reception is about to begin, and the last event of the day – your first dance. Your friends and family are gathered around, you take to the dance floor with your new spouse, but what song do you want to hear? Wedding planning involves so many decisions, and unless you have a special song, choosing a first dance can be one of the hardest things. Here are a few tips and ideas to help!


Wedding appropriate

When choosing a song for your special moment, you need to make sure the song is appropriate! It may sound romantic, or be a special song for you and your partner, but it may also be the worst idea for a wedding. For example, ‘Let It Go’ by James Bay, is a beautiful and heartfelt song, but it’s actually about breaking up!

“Trying to push this problem up the hill when it’s just too heavy to hold
I think now’s the time to let is slide “

…Not ideal for your wedding day.



Remember, your first dance actually involves you dancing in front of all your friends and family! For many, this may be a daunting prospect, so think about what would be most comfortable for the both of you. For some people this could be a simple slow dance, others it could be an upbeat and fun number to represent your personalities. Some people could be secret professionals and want to surprise everyone with a fully choreographed dance! It’s all down to your own preference, but keep this in mind when song hunting.


To band or to DJ

Whether you have live entertainment or not, this is something to keep in mind.

If you’re in love with John Legend’s silky smooth vocals, and want him to serenade you and your guests (I’m not sure many people could afford his fee…), then the best option will be to play the original song through the speakers. However, if you love a song and the lyrics, but not the feel of the original recording, your band could do a chilled out version for your first dance – this is one big advantage of having live entertainment. We do this A LOT at weddings – start a song chilled/acoustic for the bride and groom to have a romantic moment, before the whole band comes in, bringing it more upbeat for the guests to join in on the dance floor! A song that works perfectly for this idea is the Bruno Mars classic ‘Just The Way You Are’.

Remember, these are just some ideas if you’re struggling to choose. If you already have a special song, then use that! Don’t worry about what other people say – it’s your day, and that’s all that matters!!!

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